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Whew! It’s been quite a tumultuous time lately. Emily Trinkaus, chief astrologer for In Your Right Mind, talks about the full moon in Scorpio. When is the ultimate time to move forward with your dreams? Take time to connect with your true desires and set some intentions!

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Join us for a special talk on the winter solstice and what the stars are doing now into May 2014! Venus is in retrograde and now is the time to reevaluate and recognize what your true needs are.  Have a listen to Emily as she explains how to work with the stars to help you re-create your priority list for the new year.

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Join us in an enlightening talk about mercury retrograde, Cancer madness, and then dance to Thievery Corporation! Caroline Casey starts us off with a talk about radical empathy on this show.  From Virgomagic.com: “Mercury Retro in Cancer asks: What nourishes you? How can you increase your feeling of safety and security, from the inside out? What changes can you make in your home to better support you? Are there old family issues or patterns that hold you back from living fully in the present?”  Mercury retrograde teaches us to slow down and perhaps dive into projects that don’t involve technology.  Take this podcast with you on a hike! Click on the link below to hear this show.

In Your Right Mind with Emily!


From Emily’s website: “Our foundational astrological premise – as above, so below – recommends doing as the planets do, and in the case of Mercury Retrograde, this translates into slowing down, backing up, and turning inward to retreat, reflect, reconsider, regenerate, and all the other “re-” words. Mercury Retro gets a bad rap in our uber-yang culture that values always pushing forward, the faster the better. For the next three weeks, until July 20, we can cooperate with the cosmic flow by focusing on completions and cleaning up the past (rather than launching a major new beginning), and navigating by intuition rather than rational analysis.”


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Emily Trinkaus Virgo Magic

How do we navigate these uncertain times using our own inner authority?  What can we do to clear out the confusion we feel to access our deepest truths?  How can we learn to dream a little bigger and than we have in the past?

Astrologer Emily Trinkaus takes us through the tumultuous eclipse season with humor and warmth.

Visit Emily at http://www.virgomagic.com