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In Your Right Mind is pleased to introduce you to Susan Feinbloom, one of the most highly trained therapists in Northern California! Susan works with these modalities: Psychotherapy, Clairvoyance, Homeopathy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Shamanism, Flower Essences, and more.  She is the author of ‘Unwinding the Soul,’  collection of psychological poems, mystical poems, revelatory poems written from a deeply personal, profoundly spiritual and accessibly universal perspective.  Listen in to hear about how to change old belief systems to help you transform your life.

To meet Susan go to her website: http://www.susanfeinbloom.com

What happens when you die? Are there ways we can communicate with those who have passed? Does a tragic death affect the soul’s ability to find its way back home? Author of “When Tomorrow Speaks to Me,” Bridget Benson tells her story of being a psychic medium.  Sit back and listen to her amazing life story of growing up in Ireland with a gift that the church would not accept.

Help Bridget find her American family! If you have relatives that came to Ellis Island after the potato famine and their family name was O’Maille, or O’Malley, from County Mayo, Ireland, contact Bridget. Pass this on, please.