Thomas Moore (2/2013)

In Your Right Mind host Moksha Lea speaks with guest Thomas Moore author of ‘Care of the Soul.’ Thomas talks about how to bring the sacred back to sexuality, the preparation of death, and the creation of your own connection with the divine. Beautiful stuff!

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Interfaith Dialogue with Howard Bredesen and Lisa Vanderbloom (10/13)

Howard and Lisa stop by the show to promote an interfaith dialogue happening in Sebastopol.  What are the main issues that keep our spiritual leaders from talking to each other? Listen in…

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Michael Meade (12/2012)

Michael Meade, Huffington Post contributor, mythologist and storyteller talks about his latest book “Why the World Doesn’t End; Tales of Renewal in Times of Loss.” Themes covered are the true meaning of apocalypse, how to find your truest calling, 2012 and what the Mayans may have been thinking, and the gifts that dark times have for us.  Join us for this insightful and uplifting show about the end of the world!

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Jessica Morell (1/2013)

Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator (

Come and listen to Jessica describe a natural approach to birthing, mothering, and educating.  I know you’ll be impressed by her information and huge heart.  A must for anyone considering a natural birth! Learn this simple trick to start contractions!

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