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In Your Right Mind is pleased to introduce you to Susan Feinbloom, one of the most highly trained therapists in Northern California! Susan works with these modalities: Psychotherapy, Clairvoyance, Homeopathy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Shamanism, Flower Essences, and more.  She is the author of ‘Unwinding the Soul,’  collection of psychological poems, mystical poems, revelatory poems written from a deeply personal, profoundly spiritual and accessibly universal perspective.  Listen in to hear about how to change old belief systems to help you transform your life.

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Join us in an enlightening talk about mercury retrograde, Cancer madness, and then dance to Thievery Corporation! Caroline Casey starts us off with a talk about radical empathy on this show.  From “Mercury Retro in Cancer asks: What nourishes you? How can you increase your feeling of safety and security, from the inside out? What changes can you make in your home to better support you? Are there old family issues or patterns that hold you back from living fully in the present?”  Mercury retrograde teaches us to slow down and perhaps dive into projects that don’t involve technology.  Take this podcast with you on a hike! Click on the link below to hear this show.

In Your Right Mind with Emily!


From Emily’s website: “Our foundational astrological premise – as above, so below – recommends doing as the planets do, and in the case of Mercury Retrograde, this translates into slowing down, backing up, and turning inward to retreat, reflect, reconsider, regenerate, and all the other “re-” words. Mercury Retro gets a bad rap in our uber-yang culture that values always pushing forward, the faster the better. For the next three weeks, until July 20, we can cooperate with the cosmic flow by focusing on completions and cleaning up the past (rather than launching a major new beginning), and navigating by intuition rather than rational analysis.”


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In Your Right Mind is pleased to introduce Joan Ocean! Joan leads dolphin retreats in Hawaii at her ranch on the big island.  How does someone who doesn’t know how to swim start to lead dolphin retreats? Listen to Joan’s story about her communication with whales, dolphins, and eventually sasquatch too.  (Really.) Fascinating woman here! Click below to hear her story:



Go on a dolphin retreat, learn more here:

“May I be Frank?” is a deeply moving documentary that tells the story of a man who goes through a raw foods detox for 40 days.  The journey is a story of physical and emotional transformation told with humor and honesty.  Frank needed to forgive himself for his misdeeds as an addict, as a brother, as a father. Those looking for courage to change will find inspiration here! Click below for the podcast:


Get in touch with Frank, he’s a personal coach!